How much does Corian Cost

How much does Corian Cost?​

Dupont Corian Solid Surface Cost somewhere between 750 per square foot to 2000 per square feet. However, you will find other Solid Surface brand’s materials starting from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per square feet & Installation costs approx. 250 per square feet.
Customised Corian Temple cost completely depend on the size & design you choose. For your knowledge, rates depend on brands & colours – like a solid colour, translucent series used for backlit, marble & granite series. The region you are purchasing material in India also affects the price of the material.

The best consistent brands available in the Indian market are Dupont CorianLg Hi-Macs Solid Surface, Rehau Solid Surface & couple more. And yes, a few Chinese & Indian alternatives are also available for low prices, but be aware that there will be differences in quality.

Lastly, as you are reading this so I assume, you have already decided to invest in a solid surface for your home, or office interior. Go for the good brands. As the solid surface is really going to last long, you will love the surface & can get re-polishing in future.​

Do You Know? White Surface offers 10 years guarantee on their Solid Surface Products & Sheets.

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