The Best Explanation of CORIAN and Its Properties

The Best Explanation of CORIAN and Its Properties

Corian Solid Surface

Corian is a very popular and Premium Surfacing Material introduced by DuPont in 1967, which they patented. After the patent got over ten years later. Many other companies began manufacturing this Solid surface countertop under different names, like Samsung – Staron, LG Hi- Macs, Avonitie Surfaces, etc. It is non-porous (i.e., it Doesn’t let liquids pass through) and is highly malleable and bendable. It is composed of 1/3 Parts of Acrylic Polymers and 2/3 parts of natural materials, mainly derived from bauxite ore used to manufacture aluminium metal. Corian is a brand name that DuPont came up with and is used to date as it became popular among the masses.

However, the actual term for Corian is Solid Surface Countertops. Initially, Corian Solid Surface was just used in the kitchen and bathroom. With time and experiment, the usage has been into almost everything one can imagine. Additionally, a solid surface comes in various colours and textures, which has given a perfect solution to match the Corian application of any home or office interior.

There are two variants of this solid surface material.

One is a 100% Acrylic Solid Surface, also known as Flexi(ble) Solid Surface & the other is a Modified Solid Surface called Non-Flexi(ble). It is always preferable to choose a 100% Acrylic Solid Surface because firstly, it doesn’t tarnish with time even after years of installation, and secondly, it doesn’t break easily. Thus, anybody looking for long-term usage & wants a decent Return on Investment should go for Flexi Sheets. Also, the worst about the Non-Flexible sheet is that they are a mixture of cheap components, as a result, it turns pale or yellow after a couple of years & even re-polishing can not bring the shine again. Thus, avoid Non-Flexi or Modified solid surfaces.

Some Solid Surface Brands in India are:

Dupont Corian (Flexi), Dupont Montelli (Non-Flexi), Rehau Ravasio Mineral (Flexi), Rehau Mono (Non-Flexi), Merino – Hyndai Hanex (Flexi), Hyundai Unex (Non-Flexi), LX[formerly LG] Hi-Macs (Flexi)

Lotte Staron (Flexi)

Apart from it, you may also come across a few unknown brands as they try to establish their presence in the Indian market.

Uasage of Corian Solid Surface:

In resident, commercial & retail space, it is widely used as reception desks, wall panelling, conference tables, kitchen countertops, Wall facade, External Cladding, also some statement pieces of furniture like mandirs (temple), Partition Jali, Wall Decor in Indian households.

The obvious question arises in the customers’ minds is that, why choose Corian over other materials? As it is one of the costliest products in the interior segment! Well, it comes in a variety of colours and finishes (from matte to super glossy); it is highly bendable, can be shaped in the most beautiful and unique ways, and has a very seamless finish, giving the space a hint of premium and luxury. That makes it worth the cost.

A few of the properties of Corian are as follows:

  1. Non-Porous: Being non-porous or not letting liquids enter through it makes Corian a perfect material for kitchen countertops. Also, stains like that of turmeric, commonly used in Indian Kitchens, are easy to clean with warm soapy water. It is also considered a hygienic surface countertop.
  2. Homogenous: Even though Corian is a mixture of various materials, it comes out to be homogenous and highly seamless. Unlike natural stone countertops, one can see no joints in Corian countertops. Its seamless finish gives this material a good texture, luxurious feel, and a premium look.
  3. Non-toxic: it is a non-toxic material and is safe to use. It can withstand heat up to 212ºF, above which it might release carbon oxides under high temperatures. It is also UV stable when exposed outdoors. It doesn’t let the scorching sun change its chemical composition and can be an excellent addition to your outside space.
  4. Malleable: bendability is one of the essential features of this material and makes it stand out from the league. It can be moulded in the curviest shapes and quirky designs. It is thermoformable; that is, it is shaped using heat and pressure, and it can take up 2D and 3D designs when set through different wooden or metal moulds.
  5. Versatile: Corian being bendable, can be used to make a variety of statement pieces suitable from countertops to wall claddings, panelling, making study tables, mandirs, washbasins, etc. It is also available in various textures, from matte to super glossy, and colours that do not fade or get changed due to any wear or tear. The surface tops can be made with textures like vertical ribbed or other designs.
  6. Translucent: being translucent (allowing light or being semi-transparent) makes Corian pop up in lighter tones. Designers are now using this elemental feature of Corian to add cool and warm tones to the space by changing the colours of their surface tops.
  7. No tarnishing: the shine of this a is everlasting and always sparkles. After ten years, a little buffing will make your surface top look brand new.
  8. Modern: Unlike other surface tops like granite or marble, Corian gives the space a modern charm as one can embed light in their Corian Furnitures and make latticed ornamental designs and thus is also used to make mandirs for Indian households. One experiences huge options of designing and engraving when working with Corian.

Taking the right choice of solid surface works is important, and that is where ‘White Surface’ comes to the rescue. White Surface has been a major One-Stop solution for Solid Surfaces in Eastern India. It provides precise service according to customer demands and after-sales service, thus with high customer satisfaction rates. It has delivered over 800 projects with the best quality 100% Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) to West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and several parts of Uttar Pradesh.

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